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Kinder Realm - Exquisite, whimsical environments and educational tools for children and adolescents.

Whimsical environments, fine furnishings and learning tools for the young at heart

Company Philosophy

Kinder Realm is a company devoted to creating traditionally constructed, playful furnishings and educational curiosities for the young at heart. I hope the whimsical designs of fine furniture pieces, ‘break-apart’ structures, including the cottages themselves and science apparatuses will inspire you to explore more deeply your own imaginations, intellects and productivity.

Kinder Realm is essentially an art studio and a limited production shop. Each furniture piece, whether a complete cottage set, any of the various pieces available to furnish the inside of the cottage or the other furniture designed for adults, is hand crafted. I build with native hardwoods that are sustainably grown and use a non-toxic tung bean and linseed oil finish to showcase the natural beauty of fine woods like cherry, maple and walnut.

Many of the furniture designs, and indeed each ‘Gateway Cottage,’ are built as ‘break-apart’ furniture – able to be assembled when wanted or stored away when not.

I have included a great variety of unusual storage and display spaces to encourage organization and classification of collected ‘treasures’, and school and art supplies. There are several ‘hidden compartments’ scattered throughout the various furniture pieces.

Mechanical devices that tilt shelves, open curtains, hoist platforms, etc. are to be found throughout the realm as well. These curiosities are designed to peak the interest of young learners and encourage the pursuit of basic engineering designs of their own. I offer a small, professional workbench to give these young engineers a safe and inspiring place to create.

Relief carvings and hand-painted artworks adorn nearly every piece. The themes of these paintings and carvings depict the beauty of nature and many convey a sense of playful fantasy around concepts of friendship, family, music and dance, sportsmanship and general camaraderie.  Some are abstract in nature - generally wooden parquetry (mosaic) designs.

A Kinder Realm cottage environment is designed to allow young residents several ways to alter the general atmosphere – from quiet, secluded, dimly lit … to bright, playful and welcoming for friends and family. The large window in the cottage is intended as a theater opening for performances.