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Kinder Realm - Exquisite, whimsical environments and educational tools for children and adolescents.

Whimsical environments, fine furnishings and learning tools for the young at heart

The Process

Kinder Realm is an art studio and limited production wood shop - designing, building and doing all finish work by hand.  After concepts are decided upon, sketches made and sometimes endlessly revised, I go to work in a well tooled shop.  Some designs are drawn with formal precision in CAD (computer-aided design) programs and saved as digital blueprints. This allows the designs to be reproduced. The company has a fully equipped shop of woodworking machinery, and in 2010, purchased a CNC (computerized) router. While most of the millwork is done with the traditional hand and power tools, many of the more intricate parts are cut, and some of the rough carving is milled, with the CNC. The roughed-out carvings are finished with hand tools and either oiled or painted with oil paint.

Traditional, all-wooden joinery – mortise and tenon joints, cradle joints, French cleats, etc. – are the only construction techniques used. Virtually no metal hardware, other than standard butt hinges and the few support braces we make ourselves, are used.

The Gateway Cottage hinges on both the 42 inch round doors and the taller cathedral shaped doors are made of cast bronze.  The designs for these hinges are first built as wooden forms and then taken through several steps of making rubber and plaster molds to create a model in wax. The final wax form is taken to a foundry where another mold is made and the bronze is cast.

All pieces are sealed with several coats of a hand-rubbed, tung bean and linseed oil finish. This is a non-toxic alternative to chemical finishes.

I keep a limited stock of cottage structures and furniture pieces on hand available for purchase. I am happy to take orders to reproduce any of these existing designs. Customers should understand that no two cottages, or even furniture pieces, will be identical as my emphasis is to show the natural beauty and grain of the wood. I do all the finish work – including the carving and the painting – by hand and so each design is unique.

I am also greatly pleased to collaborate with you to design custom orders with your personal interests in mind. I encourage prospective customers to make sketches or write verbal descriptions of their thoughts and visions. We can then collaborate to create a piece we will both love.